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Our main objective is to offer you a comprehensive state of the art search tool that will prove very valuable in reaching your real estate goals. On our site you can customize your Search to find neighborhood descriptions and the exact type of property you’re looking for and in the areas you are interested in, either in San Miguel de Allende or the surrounding territory. Find a complete list of our team´s Realtors whose combined market expertise and knowledge is unparalleled. In our Sellers and Buyers sections you can learn about Coldwell Banker SMART´s specific services and innovative ideas to help you accomplish your real estate objectives. Please browse our other sections where you can find relevant and helpful information about our company and San Miguel de Allende.



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Daniel Ortiz


Martha A. Beckhart

  • As managing broker for Coldwell Banker SMART, Daniel Ortiz has led his team to become the No. 1 Coldwell Banker office in all of Mexico for the third year in a row. Prior to becoming a broker in 2012, Daniel accomplished the highest status as an agent, when he earned the distinction of being named the No. 1 agent in Mexico for Coldwell Banker, taking home the honor of the Coldwell Banker President’s Elite award and an International Globe Award.
    Daniel is considered as one of the foremost experts in the San Miguel de Allende luxury real estate industry, having represented and sold, some of the most exclusive properties in the area, as well as represented the Rosewood Residences San Miguel de Allende — the most luxurious residential development located in the heart of the city. He served as Vice President of the local chapter of AMPI (Mexican Association of Realtors) as well as director of the MLS committee.
    A graduate of the Tecnologico de Monterrey Mechanical Engineering ’06, Daniel leveraged his business administration minor into a successful career representing residential properties and developable land—often providing guidance to developers —and proves an extensive knowledge of the legal specifics of real estate transactions, from luxury estates to hotels. He has been frequently featured on HGTV’s House Hunters International shows.


broker@coldwellbankersmart.com | c: 415-145-5555


  Martha A. Beckhart


Martha A. BeckhartMartha has been living in San Miguel de Allende for 23 years. She is a CPA and managed with her late husband their own travel agency, Mexico Horizon Holidays, for over 25 years, owning 15 offices throughout the country, and 2 offices in the United States (Washington D.C. and San Diego, California).

She was on the board of directors of the “Association of Executive Women in Travel’’, which is part of the “International Federation of Women in Travel’’. She has been involved in real estate during the past 14 years, and is very familiar with the San Miguel de Allende market. Martha is completely bilingual and bicultural. These experiences provided her with the education needed in servicing clients with a variety of needs and demands.
She has been awarded the TRC (Transnational Referral Certification), and is certified in all of the International Property Specialist courses (CIPS), including local markets, America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. Finally, she has a certification on Investment and Financial Analysis. Martha’s integrity and dedication to customer service has earned the appreciation of countless of her clients and co-workers.

mab1033@coldwellbankersmart.com | c: 415-153-3198


Martha J. Beckhart

Martha J Beckhart I am a Team Leader for Coldwell Banker SMART, Martha is my name, but also happily go by my childhood nickname “Sissie”—I am able to incorporate my native bilingual skills working as easily with Mexican National clients as with foreign clients. I was raised in Mexico and moved to Chicago for college, where I earned my B.S. and M.S. degrees in Communications from Northwestern University. I then started working for my alma mater in management and project coordination roles in media and health information technology. I know how to leverage those business skills—including my entrepreneurial background and customer service experience—working tirelessly to understand the value of my clients and their needs in all situations. Finally, my life brought me back to Mexico in 2011, and I settled in San Miguel de Allende, where my family had welcomed me during my many visits here. These travels to San Miguel, over many years, gave me a unique long-term insight into the local community. I am energetic and diplomatic. My instantaneous bilingual skills, along with my bicultural background, prove a tremendous asset to customers as I continue a lifelong tradition of ensuring my clients’ that their every need is met. I have developed a roster of repeat clientele based upon those warm relationships we have developed over the years.


martha@coldwellbankersmart.com | c: 415-124-3977


  Fabian Ramirez 

A local native—born and raised here—Fabian has witnessed San Miguel’s evolution into a world-class destination and provides an in-depth insight into the local neighborhoods and their unique differences. With strong family connections in local real estate, Fabian combines his San Miguel real estate knowledge with a business management background, armed with a Business Administration degree from the Tecnológico de Monterrey


After a stint within the real estate division of Coca-Cola’s Querétaro division, Fabian earned national certification as a licensed investment broker, and worked with nationwide investment firm Actinver Investment Group, where he specialized in investments with high-net-worth clients, providing ideal insight into real estate investors’ needs.

A traveler and adventurer, Fabian developed bilingual fluency living and working in central and southern California. He enjoys traveling to Italy, and spends his free time at the gym and playing racquetball.

fabian@coldwellbankersmart.com | c: 415-122-3264


  Jim Dobson-Kelley

Jim has fully embraced and thoroughly enjoys being a Sanmiguelense. His first excursion to San Miguel de Allende in 2002 resulted in multiple visits each year until his move here in 2011.  He bought his first property in 2005, a lot, and is working on plans to build that dream home. In 2008 Jim purchased another property which also contains rental casitas.

A native of Kansas, Jim holds a B.A. in Communication from Fort Hays State University and an M.B.A. from Baker University. His professional background spans advertising, ownership in retail and wholesale/manufacturing, non-profit, and business consulting for start-ups and expansion. Prior to relocating to San Miguel de Allende, Jim was an adjunct instructor of Business and Marketing at Butler Community College, and also Director of Visitor Services, Marketing, and Sales for Exploration Place: The Sedgwick County Science Center.

Being a homeowner and landlord here in San Miguel, Jim understands the process and unique environment of real estate in Mexico. Jim listens to his clients and has the ability to view a property through the eyes of each client with their unique and specific needs in mind. As a complimentary service, he brings the skills of a professional designer to help stage your home to emphasize the best features and make it appealing to the most buyers.

An avid dog-lover with three chow chows, Jim supports local animal organizations. He is also involved in the community, lending support to human rights, health and welfare, and cultural organizations. You just might see him enjoying the opera or tending bar at a charity event!

Jim is looking forward to working with you.

jim@coldwellbankersmart.com | c: 415-124-6494


Ivy del Pozzo

Awarded membership in the International President's Circle and the Sterling and Diamond Society of Coldwell Banker.

Certified Global Luxury Specialist. 

Within a successful career that has been exclusively devoted to customer care and sales of one of a kind product, Ivy first received her real estate license in the 1970’s when she was a part of the early growth of the metro Atlanta area and was recently awarded membership in the International Diamond Society of Coldwell Banker. This distinguished membership is awarded to the top 11% of the more than 120,000 sales associates worldwide.

Her love of the Mexican culture, as well as a strong desire to make a difference, brought her to the highlands of Chiapas more than 25 years ago. Ivy’s ability to connect with people and her skills at conflict resolution led her to work in Indian Human Rights and the preservation of the rainforest. Her Spanish language skills were developed at this time and are today important cornerstones enabling her to work on a bilingual basis.

Today, Ivy’s natural ability to hear people’s needs, be they buyers or sellers, have earned her the “Top Producer of 2014” for Coldwell Banker SMART which makes Ivy the perfect bridge between the client who is looking for the opportunity to Live the Dream and the seller with the Dream Home.

Ivy’s desire to be of service continues with her “Pay It Forward” program where she gives 10% of her commission to each client’s favorite charity through which even many more dreams are fulfilled.

ivy@coldwellbankersmart.com | c415-107-4444

Genny Cisneros

Genny CisnerosGenny Cisneros was born in Guadalajara. She spent most of her life in Tapalpa, a small and charming town high in the mountains of Jalisco where she started a real estate company. After 22 years she decided to move to San Miguel de Allende as a way of renewing her life. She was attracted by the city´s rich history, strategic location and artistic environment. Shortly after arriving in San Miguel she joined the Coldell Banker SMART team. She is happy to be part of a group of professionals and to have the opportunity to meet and assist people in the process of selling/buying their property. She hopes that by combining her knowledge and experience with her easy going attitude and warm demeanor she can help her clients have a wonderful experience.

genny@coldwellbankersmart.com | c: 415-114-0718


  Edward Flume

Edward FlumeEdward Flume has had a lifelong love of Mexico and has been a frequent visitor since 1971 and a full time resident in Mexico for over 22 years since 1991, and in San Miguel de Allende since 1997. Originally from San Antonio Texas, he has a degree in Latin American Studies & in Spanish from the University of Texas in Austin. Fluent in Spanish and a naturalized Mexican citizen while retaining his American citizenship Ed is bilingual and bicultural. Ed began his real estate career in 1973 first in Brokerage & later in Residential, Commercial, and Subdivision Development in both Texas & Mexico. Ed & his wife, Martha are very active in the local San Miguel community. Over the years they have built and sold 13 luxury homes in San Miguel, and have developed several residential land projects. Ed is imminently qualified to help you with all of your real estate needs in San Miguel de Allende.

eflume@coldwellbankersmart.com | c: 415-103-0528


Danna Lazcano

Danna was born and raised in Mexico City and has spent the last 26 years in the State of Guanajuato. In 2009 she moved to San Miguel de Allende and began her real estate career, where her skills in customer service and closing coordination allowed her to become part of the sales team of Coldwell Banker SMART. After living in the United States, Danna is fully bi-lingual and bi-cultural allowing her to efficiently represent all clients in San Miguel de Allende, whether buying or selling. Danna listens and understands her clients needs which enable her to present them with all the right alternatives; her high level of expertise of the Mexican legalities for real estate, her negotiation skills, and great ability to communicate make her buyers and sellers feel confident and stress free throughout the purchase and sale procedure.
Danna is an active member of the real estate community in San Miguel. In her spare time she enjoys hiking in the countryside, swimming, and baking favorite treats for her family and friends.


danna@coldwellbankersmart.com | c415-153-0840


Malula Sánchez

Malula Sanchez is a native Mexican originally from San Luis Potosi. She has a wealth of varied experience as a result of living in different countries including Australia, England, Spain and The United States. After living abroad for more than 10 years, missing her culture and traditions, she returned to her native Mexico in 2012. She settled in San Miguel de Allende, a city that maintains an authentic lifestyle and multicultural richness.

Her background as a lawyer led her to work in Notary Public and Real Estate development. This experience enhanced her legal skills with a deep and detailed specialty in real estate. In addition to these skills, Malula is also a Life and Emotional coach. Having this certification gives her the tools to help identify the needs of her customers. This creates an ideal combination to help prospective clients make the right decision in acquiring or selling of real estate.

Malula has warm and excellent communication skills, speaking her native Spanish but also English and Catalan, promoting a clear interaction with her customers that puts them at ease. She accompanies them during every step of this important process, giving them confidence, support and security in order to feel happy and satisfied with their decision.


malula@coldwellbankersmart.com | c415-566-4781


Orlando Castillo

Orlando Castillo and Jim Dobson-Kelley are "YOUR HOME TEAM". Orlando proudly Sanmiguelense from birth, has witnessed the growth and development of San Miguel in all aspects, valuing the bicultural social environment of this city.


He has a Bachelor of Business Administration. Also the experiences of having lived part of his life in the United States, which has given him fluency in the English language, and having worked for many years in one of the renowned international prestigious hotels in Mexico, provided the necessary skills for direct dealings with clients, knowing their needs and offering a quality service for both Mexican and foreign clients.


The cultural events, the sunsets, his family and walking through the streets of this magical town, are some of the things he most enjoy of living in this magical town.


Orlando is happy and delighted with the opportunity to work with you!


orlando@coldwellbankersmart.com | c415-566-0929


Cristina Valencia

Born and raised in Mexico City, with a degree in Veterinary Medicine, surrounded by horses all her life and an animal lover.


She has been living in San Miguel for almost 20 years forming a family and living in the country.


All this gives her a great disposition to help you on your search for any property in and around San Miguel, both in the city or in the countryside.


Bilingual, bicultural from her mother’s Canadian side, you will find a warm, honest person with excellent knowledge of the country living to guide you and make your country life experience easy and happy.


During her free time she enjoys riding and traveling with her family.


cristina@coldwellbankersmart.com | c415-151-0279


Pilar Lino

After closing many real estate deals in Arizona and Mexico City, Pilar moved to San Miguel convinced that this is THE moment to invest and enjoy life in one of the most wonderful cities of the world.

If you have the right agent on your side, Pilar says, you will not only discover the beauty of San Miguel but you will make the right decision for you and your family.


People that know Pilar think she is honest, hardworking personable,friendly and engaging person Pilar's passion is to invest, remodel enjoy and sell real estate. She speaks English, Spanish and Italian.


On Italian heritage, Pilar was born in Mexico City, were she studied psychology, and lived in Scottsdale, Arizona before moving to San Miguel.


pilar@coldwellbankersmart.com | c415-125-7272


Karen Beckhart

I am a native from Pittsburgh and have degrees in both Economics and Spanish from Boston University. I have had the fortune to live in Mexico for the past 30 years. Throughout those years, my family and I visited San Miguel on a regular basis, developing a warmth for this colonial city. We have been homeowners here for several years.

Through my years in México, I discovered an entrepreneurial spirit. After years in the banking industry, I began an in-house cooking school called Karen’s Kitchen, where I taught the expatriate community many culinary delights of Mexico for nearly 10 years. A job opportunity moved the family to San Antonio, TX, and I decided it was time to take my creative self out of the kitchen and into the entire home. Thus, a love of decorating began to blossom. I began Beckhart Interiors, a Professional Luxury Home Staging business where I successfully worked with Realtors and Clients staging homes from $100,000 to $4,000,000 USD. I hold two staging designations; a Certified Staging Professional (CSP) and the Accredited Staging Professional (ASP).

Through constant work with Realtors during the Staging process, I recognized that for most people, a home is their largest purchase and biggest asset, and decided to turn things up a notch. I hold a Real Estate License in Texas for several years now. This has helped me both in San Miguel and San Antonio bridging the two cities. Customer relationships are my strong point. I strive to truly get to know my clients and put forth my best effort in finding them their dream home.

I am bilingual and bicultural. I enjoy reading, traveling, continued education, and love to cook and entertain my family and friends.

karen@coldwellbankersmart.com | c415-125-8716


Romina Gariibay

I was born and raised in Mexico City.

My grandfather brought the luggage company “Samsonite” to Mexico where my father worked for most of his life.
In many ways I grew up learning about sales.
I earned 2 Bachelor Degrees in Mexico City, “Theater and Acting”in the National University of Mexico and “Physical Therapy” in the American British Cowdray Hospital.

I came to San Miguel 7 years ago and fell in love with the architecture and charm of this beautiful Colonial town.
One of my favorite quotes is “Good things come to those who work hard for them”.
I understand the importance of being fully committed in whatever you do in life to see things blossom.
Home is my favorite place to be, it is where I rest and recharge “my safe place”.
I understand that purchasing a home is one of the biggest investments in our lives.

I believe in making partnerships with my “sellers” and a commitment with my “buyers” to guide them with knowledge and honesty on the quest for their “Perfect Home in San Miguel”.
My commitment goes beyond business I establish an emotional bond with both sellers and buyers which fuels the relationship with an unconditional responsibility to see them win. Then at the end, I win, I win with a happy heart but most importantly with a satisfied client that will always be my best commission and the greatest referral.

I am here for you...


romina@coldwellbankersmart.com | c: 415-125-8097